About Us

Citizen Care Health Solutions™ is a collective of healthcare innovators and leaders. We have pooled our expertise to help businesses and the public overcome the COVID-19 pandemic and safely return to doing what matters.

Our journey began by developing smart COVID-19 screening and testing pods that have been deployed across a variety of sectors throughout North America, including universities, airports, long-term care homes, sports venues, Construction sites and healthcare clinics.

We then expanded to become a full-service healthcare provider focused on helping consumers and businesses safely resume doing what matters most to them. We have teamed with other leading healthcare and technology providers to create Citizen Care BOOST™ – an innovative healthcare portal that includes travel and workplace COVID-19 testing, virtual and in-person nursing support, and an innovative and secure digital health platform to manage test and vaccination results and provide access to 24/7 customer care.

Carl Demarco
CEO and Chairman
Carl Demarco is Chairman and CEO of Citizen Care Health Solutions™, and is also Chairman and CEO of Camillion Corp., a media entertainment company with interests in the technology/innovation sector. Previously, Carl served as President, Global Business Development at World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), and before that as President of WWE Canada.

In the past year, Carl co-founded Citizen Care Health Solutions with a goal to provide smart screening and testing pods for Covid-19. The initial concept was developed for the construction industry but very quickly grew to include all industries with a focus on high volume testing. Carl was instrumental in creating a team of experts from all fields: design, construction, laboratory expertise, nursing and digital applications. Carl’s focus over the past year has been in the development of a secure digital platform that is designed to cover all aspects of Covid-19 testing, contact tracing and vaccination.

Zenon Radewych
Zenon is a Principal at WZMH Architects in Toronto, Canada where he is the lead in the following sectors: mission critical buildings, prefabrication and off-site construction and research and innovation in smart buildings with a focus on low-voltage and IoT solutions.In the past year, Zenon co-founded Citizen Care Health Solutions where he was instrumental in developing the mobile and portable smart screening and testing pods for Covid-19. Zenon’s day to day focus is on developing new cost-effective infrastructure solutions for mobile testing and the administering of the vaccine for Covid-19 (quick setup and take-down installations).

Advisory Comittee

Dani DePetrillo
Chief Operating Officer, Right At Home Canada
Ms. DePetrillo joined Right at Home as Vice President of Health Care Services in 2012. She came with over fifteen years of operational and managerial experience in the healthcare field. Previous to joining Right at Home, she owned and oper- ated a series of interdisciplinary health and wellness centres as a Regional Joint Venture Partner and Regional Manager with one of Canada’s largest health care companies from 1997 to December 2011. Her experience focused on new client start-up, clinical program development, client service, human resources management, training and fiscal operations.

In addition, Ms. DePetrillo also was Director of Operations for CAREpath Inc., a cancer assistance program offering nurse navigation and cancer support services to over 350,000 Cana- dians. Ms. DePetrillo was a Right at Home Care Office owner from 2013 – 2016, holding all key positions within the business. She assumed the role of Chief Operating Officer in October 2016, and continues to hold a key role in supporting new Care Office owners joining the Right at Home system.

Omar Ahmad
CEO, Nursesimple, & Board Member, MBA, Schulich School of Business, York University
Omar Ahmad is an e-commerce, loyalty, travel and health ex- ecutive with many years of experience in building, leading and supporting high performing organizations. He is a co-founder of Expedia.ca, and the Founder of Expedia Corporate Travel (now Egencia) has had the privilege of working for iconic Global brands such as American Express, WestJet and itravel2000. com (President), as well as the founder and CEO of three global Private Equity back start-ups in the travel, loyalty and healthcare verticals.

Currently, he has been focused on the healthcare sector and is the Founder and CEO of Nursesimple. He also holds numerous Board and Advisor positions for a number of companies (Novus Health, bucketlist.org, SmoothCommerce, Nearthreat.com and Healthcare365). He has an Undergraduate Degree from the University of Toronto and an Alumni of York University.

Partners and Collaborators

A special thank you to all our partners for their support.