About Us

Citizen Care Health Solutions provides innovative health technology and services, helping citizens and businesses focus on what matters most to them. We have established a collective of leaders and partners in virtual health and laboratory, nursing and COVID-19 testing services providing easy access and continuity of care to help you adapt and safely overcome theCOVID-19 pandemic.

Our journey began by developing smart COVID-19 screening and testing pods allowing people to safely visit, travel and connect with others. Citizen Care Pods have been deployed across a variety of sectors throughout North America, including universities, airports, long-term care homes, sports venues, Construction sites and healthcare clinics.

We are expanding to become a full-service healthcare provider. We have teamed with other leading healthcare and technology providers to create Citizen Care BOOST™ – an innovative healthcare portal that includes travel and workplace COVID-19testing, virtual and in-person nursing support, and an innovative and secure digital health platform to manage test and vaccination results and provide access to 24/7 customer care.

Partners and Collaborators

A special thank you to all our partners for their support.