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About Us

Citizen Care Health Solutions (CCHS) is on a mission to personalize and simplify access to quality healthcare, enabling citizens to achieve better health outcomes where they are.

Our journey began in 2020 when we developed flexible COVID-19 screening and testing pods. These pods were used throughout North America at a wide variety of locations including airports, long-term care facilities, healthcare clinics, universities, sports venues and construction sites.

Since then, we’ve rapidly expanded our service offerings to provide reliable second medical opinions for the insurance sector and a range of healthcare testing and screening solutions for employers.

By bringing together innovators and leaders in the healthcare space, we’re transforming the way citizens access quality care.


Chairman and CEO

Chief Operating Officer

Chief Innovation Officer

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VP, Marketing

VP, Technology

VP, Project Management Office

Director, Products

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Principal, WZMH Architects

COO, Right At Home Canada

Partners and Collaborators

A special thank you to all our partners for their support.