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Virtual COVID-19 Test

Bring your own test with virtual nurse supervision &
24/7 customer care

Step 1

Already have a test kit you’d like to use? Click Buy Now to purchase your BOOST!™ BYOT Virtual Observation and complete the steps in the welcome email to set up your account on the BOOST! portal.

Step 2

Once you are ready to take your test, log into the BOOST!™ portal and follow the prompts to activate the service. You’ll be able to join the testing queue once you’ve gathered all the necessary items and completed your pre-test checklist.

Step 3

One of our Citizen Care nurses will supervise your specimen collection and provide instructions on how to read and upload your test results.

Step 4

Your result photo will be verified by one of our representatives and an official BOOST!™ Health Pass will be generated in your BOOST!™ portal account.

Step 5

You will receive a notification when your Health Pass is ready – this should take 30 minutes or less. If a manual review is required, a member of our team will handle your case between 6am and 7pm EST. To check on your results, log into your BOOST!™ portal and go to the View COVID-19 Tests section on your personal dashboard.

Step 6

If you receive a negative result, you will be able to use the BOOST!™ Health Pass to demonstrate your COVID-19 status at the airport upon check-in before your flight.

Step 7

If your result is positive, you will be directed to the 24/7 BOOST!™ Customer Care team for more assistance.

Available across Canada
Citizen Care Boost! COVID-19 Test
<boost-logo><boost-logo> Verified Test Service
(Bring your own test and have a certified nurse observe)
Virtual Observation (Canada) - C$55*
Virtual Observation - (US) - US$45*
*Plus applicable taxes. Terms and conditions apply.
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