Virtual COVID-19 Test

with virtual nurse supervision

Step 1
Click Book Now and provide your flight information to determine which tests are available for your trip.
Step 2
Select your test type
Step 3
Purchase your test
Step 4
Your Citizen Care Boost PCR test will be shipped to your home and arrive within 24-36 hours.
Step 5
Register your Citizen Care Boost! test and join your virtual appointment. You will complete your pre-test checklist, including watching an instructional video, agreeing to all terms and conditions, and gathering the necessary components to complete your test.
Step 6
One of our licensed nurses will supervise your specimen collection and provide instructions on how to package your kit for courier pick up.
Step 7
Your specimen kit should be left for pick up in an area outside of direct sunlight.
Step 8
Your specimen kit will be picked up and sent to our lab for processing.
Step 9
Test results will be available in your Citizen Care Boost portal within 24-48 hours of arrival at the lab.
Step 10
If you receive a negative result, you will be provided with a Citizen Care Boost! HealthPass, which you can show at the airport upon check in before your flight.
Step 11
If your result is positive, you will be directed to the 24/7 Citizen Care Boost Customer Care team for more assistance.
Frequently Asked Questions
How long before my trip should I order my virtual test?
What is in the testing kit?
Why do I need to get tested?
What do I need to consider when crossing the border?
I am fully vaccinated; do I need to get tested?
I have one vaccine shot; do I need to get tested?
Getting Started
What do I do if I am having technical issues with the registration process?
Where do I find the kit serial number (approximately 10 digit – sometimes less than 10 digits) and why do I need it?
The Test
What can I expect when providing my sample using the Citizen Care Boost Collection Kit?
How accurate is the test?
Are results for self-collection as accurate as results for specimens collected by a registered healthcare worker?
Sample Collection
Can I only use my computer to complete the online video conference with a healthcare worker?
What do I do if I am unable to connect to my appointment (e.g., internet connectivity issue)?
How far in advance of my trip do I have to complete my collection?
Can I swab myself without having a virtual observation with a healthcare worker?
I do not have a webcam; can I still do a virtual appointment?
Can my child be tested during the same virtual appointment?
Do I have to do the swab collection for my child?
I have a person with a disability, do they need to complete the test?
What if I lose or damage my collection kit?
What if I drop my swab or tube?
My healthcare worker didn’t show up for the appointment
What happens if my courier doesn’t arrive?
How do I store the specimen package while waiting for the courier pick up?
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