Virtual COVID-19 Test

PCR test with virtual nurse supervision &
24/7 customer care

Step 1
Click Book Now and provide your flight information to determine which tests are available for your trip.
Step 2
Select your test type
Step 3
Purchase your BOOST!™ COVID-19 Travel Test and complete the steps in the welcome email to set up your account on the BOOST!™ portal.
Step 4
Your BOOST!™ COVID-19 Travel Test will be shipped to your home and arrive within 24-36 hours.
Step 5
Log into the BOOST!™ portal, add your test, then join your virtual appointment. You will complete your pre-test checklist, including watching an instructional video, agreeing to all terms and conditions, and gathering the necessary components to complete your test.
Step 6
One of our healthcare professionals will supervise your specimen collection and provide instructions on how to package your test kit for courier pick up.
Step 7
At the appointed pick up time, your specimen kit should be left for pick up in an area outside of direct sunlight.
Step 8
Your specimen kit will be picked up and sent to our lab for processing.
Step 9
Test results will be available in your BOOST!™ portal within 24-48 hours of arrival at the lab.
Step 10
If you receive a negative result, you will be provided with a BOOST!™ HealthPass, which you can show at the airport upon check in before your flight.
Step 11
If your result is positive, you will be directed to the 24/7 BOOST!™ Customer Care team for more assistance.
Available across Canada
Citizen Care Boost! COVID-19 Test
<boost-logo><boost-logo> Virtual COVID-19 Test
(PCR test with virtual nurse supervision and 24/7 customer care)
per test
per test if purchasing 3 or more tests
*Plus applicable taxes and $30 shipping charge
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Frequently Asked Questions
How long before my trip should I order my virtual test?
What happens if my trip is cancelled, or if I want to return my test kit?
What is in the testing kit?
What do I need to consider when crossing the border?
Getting Started
What do I do if I am having technical issues with the registration process?
Where do I find the kit serial number (approximately 10 digit – sometimes less than 10 digits) and why do I need it?
The Test
What can I expect when providing my sample using the Citizen Care Boost Collection Kit?
How accurate is the test?
Are results for self-collection as accurate as results for specimens collected by a registered healthcare worker?
Sample Collection
Can I only use my computer to complete the online video conference with a healthcare worker?
What do I do if I am unable to connect to my appointment (e.g., internet connectivity issue)?
How far in advance of my trip do I have to complete my collection?
Can I swab myself without having a virtual observation with a healthcare worker?
I do not have a webcam; can I still do a virtual appointment?
Can my child be tested during the same virtual appointment?
Do I have to do the swab collection for my child?
I have a person with a disability, do they need to complete the test?
What if I lose or damage my collection kit?
What if I drop my swab or tube?
My healthcare worker didn’t show up for the appointment
What happens if my courier doesn’t arrive?
How do I store the specimen package while waiting for the courier pick up?
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