Denver University

The Challenge

The University of Denver was using tents to facilitate COVID-19 testing and screening prior to the 2020 fall semester. As winter approached, the university was looking for a more permanent and safe solution to conduct testing through the colder months and beyond.

Denver University required a testing and screening solution that would be effective for testing students, faculty and staff by providing both drive-up and walk-up options, as well as an ADA accessible window. They were also seeking a solution that could be easily modified for future use in administering a COVID-19 vaccine, as well as for flu and other viruses.

The Numbers

3 Weeks

3 Weeks: From concept to completion, the entire process took three weeks and is providing COVID-19 testing professionals with a permanent facility in a secure and comfortable environment.

600+ Tests per Day

Denver University is testing more than 600 individuals a day (more than tripling the numbers tested prior to the fall semester)

1% Infection rate

Infection rate of students and faculty is close to 1%, which is best in class for university institutions.


Turnover of nursing staff.

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